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2015 Annual Meeting Photos Are Here!

Standards Competition

Jeffry Handal and Director Morgan present Standards Competition Award to SLU students

Diane Collier graciously posted 134 of her photos from the April 2015 Region 5 Annual Meeting on her Google Plus page and shared them with IEEE.ORG.  I shared them again with my IEEER5 circle which should have notified at least some of the Region 5 members. If you have a Google Plus account and an IEEE email alias you should be able to access these. Probably the easiest way to find them is to use the G+ search feature and search for #ieeer5. Be sure to do the search from Google Plus though, if you use regular old google search you will find a bunch of ieeer5 tweets and mentions. If you have trouble finding them, send the webmaster an email or use the contact form and I’ll help.

As soon as we work out a more publicly accessible way to share these and sort out who is who and what is what, more of them will be posted here.  In the meantime, fire up Google+, find #ieeer5, and tag yourself!

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