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2017 MOVE Volunteer Appreciation

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
A sincere thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to making IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach successful in 2017. Volunteers from Region 5 are highlighted.
  • 2018 Atlanta Science Festival – March 24
  • Scott Kuntzelman
  • Kathy Land • Catherine Lumsden
  • Leda Lunardi
  • Joe Lillie (R5)
  • Lee Mari • Don Mitchell
  • Dennis Moen
  • J. Derald Morgan (R5)
  • Derik Pack
  • Karen Pedersen
  • Wesley Pham
  • Ken Pigg
  • Grayson Randall
  • Mary Ellen Randall
  • Bill Ratcliff
  • Will Robinson (R5) 
  • Christopher Sanderson (R5)
  • Butch Shadwell
  • Lee Stogner
  • Mark Torres
  • Gregg Vaughn
  • Donghui Wu
  • John Yaglenski
  • Allan Zimmerman
  • Larry Adams
  • Justin Baba
  • John Balsam
  • Chase Battaglio
  • Thomas Bellarmine
  • Chris Brantley
  • AJ Burke
  • Carole Carey (R2)
  • James Conrad
  • Jay Diepenbrock
  • Sonya Dillard
  • Tim Forrest
  • David Fillion
  • Dusty Fisher (R5)
  • Paul Goodson
  • Max Gordon
  • Jill Gostin
  • Brian Greene
  • Francis Grosz (R5)
  • Jeffry Handal (R5)
  • Sean Haynes
  • Ted Hissey (R2)
  • Matt Horrer
  • David Iams
  • John Johnson (R4)
  • Steve Kemp

Why I am an IEEE member

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Late last month, I received my brand new IEEE Life Senior Member certificate and membership card. This means that as of the 2017 membership year I will be age 65 years or older and have been a member of IEEE for at least 35 years. One of the benefits of being a life member is that my annual IEEE membership dues will be waived. I remember that in my early years the annual dues were a significant personal expense and I questioned the value of my membership each year before renewing. (more…)