IEEE Region 5

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Executive Committee Job Descriptions

PreCollege Professional Activities Chair
Duties– Responsibilities

A. Identifies and analyzes different pre-college programs available
B. Encourages the sections to host and/or sponsor pre-college activities by helping, as needed, Sections submit PACE requests and advising Sections’ activity planning.
C. Communicates to establish cooperation and understanding with the IEEE-USA pre-college education committee and EAB pre-college education activities.
D. Maintains a current record of Section activities.
E. Communicates with Professional Activities Chair.
Region 5 South Area Chair
Duties– Responsibilities

A. The South Area Chair is responsible for the oversight of six Texas Sections: Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort worth, Galveston Bay and Houston Sections;
B. Assist these Sections with timely information, Training and Resources, available from the Region and National organizations for the benefit of the Section IEEE Members;
C. Coordinate Section, Region and National Policies and Procedures, administration and financial Reporting and to assure the Sections remain viable to support their members.
D. The South Area Chair performs the following duties to accomplish these responsibilities:
1. Region support by administering the Regions Policies and Procedures with regard to Sections. (e.g. Area Student Paper Contest, Region Awards)2. Region – Section Communications. (e.g. Publish periodic e-mail news about section, region and national organization’s activities of interest, and invite feedback on Section – Region news, views and comments.3. Section, Chapter, Branch Support by assisting and encouraging each section to develop and maintain a healthy administrative structure with section by-laws, a strategic plan and required documentation. (e.g. new officer training with section, chapter and branch planning)4. Personal Section visits and participation in ExCom, General and Special Section meetings and activities.
E The Region 5 Area Chairmen are the conduit between the Sections and Region for Communications, Resources and Administrative support to assure long term success of IEEE Member Activities in the geographical area assigned.
 Region 5 West Area Chair

Duties– Responsibilities

A.  Is the liaison between the West Area IEEE Section Chairs of Region 5 and the Region 5 Executive Committee.
B.  Maintains communication with the Executive Committees of the Sections within the Region 5 West Area.
C.  Encourages participation of West Area Section Executive Committees and membership in regional or national IEEE activities where applicable.
D.  Provides assistance/advice to West Area Section leadership.
E.  Identifies concerns and becomes a confidant to West Area Section leadership.
F.  Represents the West Area of Region 5 at regional or national conferences, activities and meetings.
G.  Reports to IEEE Region 5 Director.
Region 5 Secretary
Duties– Responsibilities
A. Serve as a voting member of the Region 5 Executive Committee.
B. Interface with the Region 5 WEB Master in having various items of interest posted on the Region 5 WEB Homepage.
C. Assist in the development of the agenda for all Region 5 Executive Committee meetings and send out meeting notices.
D. Be responsible for logistical and administrative support of Region 5 Director, Executive Committee and its Standing Committees.
E. Assist the Region 5 Director in determining the administrative needs of Region 5.
F. Advise, and post on Region 5 Homepage, appropriate organizational units of Region 5 actions and plans.
G. Ensure that the administrative needs of the Region 5 Executive Committee are appropriately met.
H. Attend appropriate meetings of Region 5, so that Minutes can be taken and recorded
Area  Chairmen
Duties– Responsibilities An Area Chairperson shall be appointed by the Region 5 Director and shall include one member from each of the four geographical areas (North, East, South, and West) of Region 5. The four chairpersons are members of the Region 5 Executive committee and attend Region 5 EXCOM meetings. The major duties of the area chairperson are stated as follows:Network with Sections, Student Branches and Counselors

  • Provide Assistance and Leadership to the Section and Student Members.
  • Promote IEEE activities to benefit Sections, Student Branches and Counselors.
  • Maintain communications between Sections, Branches and Region 5.
  • Update Area Chair Orientation Manual.
  • Orchestrate and disseminate Area Chair Reports.
  • Develop One (1) and Three (3) Year Goals.
  • Participate on the Awards and Recognition Committee.
  • Host and Conduct Yearly Undergraduate Area Paper Contest.
  • Attend PACE Conference and use it for Area Networking with Sections, Student Branches and Counselors.
  • Encourage all members to participate in Region 5 functions (i.e. Region 5 Conferences, PACE Projects, Pace Conferences, Student Design Contests and National Engineers Week, Etc.).
  • Host Area Workshops, Leadership and Membership Development, PACE Training, Educational Activities and Conference Workshops & Tutorials.
  • Respond to Sections, Student Branches and Counselors inquiries on IEEE activities.
Area Training Chair
Duties– Responsibilities
  1. Provide a training program in conjunction with the Regional Director for presentation during the Region 5 Conference to provide information to attendees on who, how, what, etc. with IEEE headquarters and Region 5 Executive committee volunteer leaders.
  2. Provide information to be added to the Region 5 WEB Site in the form of Q&A to help Region 5 leaders to get information on their needed subjects.
  3. Provide current job descriptions for each position on the Region 5 Executive Committee.
  4. Gather additional information, from IEEE sources, which would be helpful to Region 5 leaders which should be added to the WEB page.
Education/Technical Activities – Chairman
Duties– Responsibilities
Education Activities

  • Encourage the sections to develop continuing education programs for the professional engineers by working with the local chapters..

Technical Activities

  • Work with sections to develop programs that enhance the chapter activity and/or rejuvenation
  • Identify section/chapter best practices and work to implement throughout the other sections in Region 5.
  • Work with Societies to improve relations and develop programs to be implemented at the chapter level.
  • Establish a relationship with the societies to enable the region/sections to participate in the Society conferences.
Student Activities Coordinator And Student Representative
  • Keep Student Branch Counselors and Student Branch Officers informed of Regional, National, and Transnational activities.
  • Provide communication paths among Student Branches in Region 5.
  • Carry concerns and opinions of Student Branches to the Region 5 EXCOM.
  • Carry concerns and opinions of Student Branches to the Student Activities Committee.
  • Work with various IEEE entities to promote IEEE student membership.
  • Work to promote and encourage Student Branch participation in the Region 5 Annual Meeting.
  • Work with GOLD to promote and improve retention of students as regular members when they graduate.
  • Work to improve the relationships between Sections and their associated Student Branches.
Membership Development Committee Chair
SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESA. Is recipient of monthly mailings of Section membership statistics from  IEEE Operations Center.
B. Is responsible for maintaining a current record of Section membership.
C. Is responsible for analyzing Section membership information and identifying membership problems and opportunities.
D. Submits requests as needed for membership development materials, including posters and applications, to IEEE Operations Center staff.
E. Communicates regularly with Regional Membership Development Officer.
F. Coordinates membership exhibits for local conferences, including but not limited to use of IEEE Cooperative Display program, soliciting materials for exhibits, identifying volunteers to staff booth.
G. Provides quarterly membership status report with recommendations to Section Executive Committee.
Student Professional Awareness Committee Coordinator
1.) Act as the Student Professional Awareness Committee’s liaison to the Region 5 Executive Committee.
2.) Promote and support all Student Professional Awareness activities in Region 5.
3.) Initiate and maintain communications with the Region’s student branches with the intentions of introducing and promoting the hosting of S-PACs and S-PAVes.
4.) Coordinate and submit student S-PAC documentation and reporting to proper IEEE-USA entities.
5.) Assist students with S-PAC planning details: agenda, budget, promotion, ticket sales, and speaker selection.
6.) Assist student branches in locating and obtaining funds for professional awareness activities.
 YP Coordinator Job Description

A. Is responsible for representing Region 5 YP chapters to RAB.
B. Coordinates the creation of new YP chapters in the Region.
C. Is responsible for assisting Region YP chapters increase membership.