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Region 5 Training for Section Treasurers for 2017

Select one of the following days listed below and open the the file for Webex information.  The Presentation will be posted before the first session.  Each session is identical but you may attend any number.

Each session will include the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of being a treasurer in The IEEE
  • Where to find additional information while being a treasurer
  • Overview of the various tools used as a treasurer
  • Proper ethicial conduct and reporting requirements as the Section Treasurer
  • A year in the life of a Section Treasurer
  • Live demonstration of Netsuite
  • Live demonstration of Concentration Banking
  • Opportunity to ask questions during the training
  • Supplements the IEEE Business Finance Solutions training that is a available

Nov 17, 2017 (Friday, 330 – 500 PM CT) (docx)

Nov 18, 2017 (Saturday, 930 – 1100 AM CT) (docx)

Nov 24, 2017 (Friday, 330 – 500 PM CT) (docx)

New Section Treasurer’s Training Presentation (pptx)


Forms and Templates for 2017

R5 Funding Request (docx)

IEEE Travel Expense Spreadsheet for 2017  (html)

R5 Mileage Reimbursement (doc)

US Sales Tax Exemptions for IEEE activities (html)

Substitute W-8 and W-9 Forms (html)

IEEE Travel Program, World Travel, Inc. (html)


Travel Reimbursement Checklist

  1. Complete R5 Funding Request and insure that you include position you are serving in the role of the funding, member number, and mailing address to send a check.
  2. Complete Travel Expense spreadsheet and include signature (type in name indicates signature),
  3. Complete R5 Mileage Reimbursement (if necessary)
  4. Include legible receipts for each expense (credit card statements are not a substitute).   Receipts are to be the itemized hotel and meal expenses.  For air travel, it is recommended to use a receipt given by the airline at time of travel.
  5. Assemble all documents into a single pdf with funding request as page 1, travel expense spreadsheet as pages 2-4 and receipts behind it.
  6. Email to the R5 Treasurer



R5 Travel Policy, Dated Feb 3, 2012 (docx)

Gift Award Policy, Dated Nov 5, 2017 (docx)

Check Writing Policy, Dated Nov 5, 2017 (docx)



Guidance on Submitting Travel Reimbursements (pptx)