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Potential IEEE Funding Resources

What can IEEE do for you? There are a number of ways that IEEE can help you financially to run your student branch or create programs that include multiple Student Branches. You should at least know about these sources of funding:

  • Global Member Geographic Activities
  • Your Section
  • IEEE-USA PACE Funding
  • Student Professional Awareness Experience (SPAx)
  • Professional Societies

IEEE Member Geographic Activities

This one is easy! Every year you will automatically get money for having students at your school registered as IEEE members! They just need to make sure they choose your student branch as their current branch. To access this money, you need to talk to your section (can be found from this list or you can probably find leadership contact info in the ieee roster). This change in reimbursement method is new and sections may not always be aware of it, so be sure to let them know they will be receiving money meant for you!

Your Section

Your IEEE Section is sometimes given funds to help support your activities, but they don’t always reach out to you. Find your section from this list and contact the emails you find on their website. The process to get funding from your Section is an informal one, but it is likely that they could provide you with funds as long as you have concrete plans for your events or activities. You never know unless you reach out!


The PACE Funding Program is a formal process designed to get funding to your Section for specific activities. As a Student Branch you cannot apply directly, but you can work with your section to submit a request for an event or program idea that you have.


If you have an idea that falls under the requirements for a SPAx program, you can request funding from these programs. SPAx stands for Student Professional Awareness Experience and can include a broad spectrum of programs you can create to meet the needs of your Student Branch or Section. Was there ever a type of event that you wanted to create but didn’t have a funding source? This is your best bet.

IEEE Technical Societies

Technical societies often have resources set aside to help and encourage students. While some of you may prefer to focus on professional development events for your students, you can also get access to funding to help develop student technical skills. These avenues may require a bit more research, but there are thousands of dollars of untapped funds for student branches just like you! To find the technical societies you can start by looking at the IEEE Roster under the “IEEE Societies” drop-down. Once you find a society you are interested in, you can find contact information for both global society leaders and local chapter leaders. Some societies have representatives for outreach, and they may be the most helpful to contact. Also be sure to google the society name to find their website and see if they have anything there you could use. As a last resort you can contact other society leaders that may be able to point you in the right direction.


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