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Student Branch Reporting Guide

As a Student Branch leader, there are only two things you need to update every year to stay registered with IEEE. These requirements are also important if you would like to request other sources of funding. If you don’t submit them your student branch will be fine, but it will make it harder to use IEEE resources.

  • Student Branch Officer Reporting
  • Student Branch Activity Reporting

These two minimum requirements are explained below.

Student Branch Officer Reporting

Student Branch Officer Reporting is Important so IEEE can keep track of Student Branch leaders, and the leaders can receive important information from IEEE. It needs to be done after new officers are elected. Note that your officers must all be IEEE Global Members, and new officers will be the ones submitting the form. Here is another tutorial that may be helpful.

  1. First, go to the officer reporting page on vTools and log in using your IEEE Login. The page should ask for your SPO ID (which we will find in step 2).
  2. Look up your Student Branch Code (“SPO ID”) in this document (from 2015).
  3. Enter your student branch code or partial school name into the “select unit” box, and a dropdown should appear with your university/branch. If a dropdown menu does not appear, refresh the page and try again. It may take a second to load.
  4. On the next page it should say “Successfully changed organizational unit”, and display a table of positions in your student branch.
  5. To update a particular position, select the position button and choose to “add officer”. Fill in their member number and term start date, and submit to update the position. Once you submit it may take some time for IEEE to approve the change.
  6. To add a position to the list, on the right above the table choose “Request a new officer position” and then submit the positions you would like to add into the last message box. You will need to use your Student Branch Code for the “Organizational Unit” box. Once you submit it may take some time for IEEE to approve the change.

Student Branch Activity Reporting

Activity reporting is important so IEEE can understand the types of activities you are doing and what you would like to do in the future. This needs to be done before November 1st for the school year that ends that May. In this submission you can include all the awesome activities you and your student branch have put on this year. It’s a great way to let IEEE know what you are doing!

  1. First, go to the vTools page for Student Branch Reporting.
  2. Click on the link titled “Click to Select School” and find your school.
  3. Navigate through the other tabs “School”, “Finances”, “Activities”, “Feedback”, and “Signatures” filling out the information that you have about your Student Branch.
  4. Finally, go the the tab “Save and Submit” to name your report (the name is so you can keep track of it) and “submit” it to IEEE.
  5. NOTE: Any report is better than not submitting one at all.


Let Joanna Lou (joanna or I ( know if you run into any issues with reporting!



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