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Where Do Students Fit Into the IEEE Organization?

This section provides more information about the structure of IEEE. The table is a table shows organizational levels from your Student Branch all the way to the global organization that is IEEE. I also encourage you to take a look at the IEEE Organizational Roster to see all the groups you can become involved with in IEEE. Volunteering to lead a robotics team, organize a school event, or grow a student branch could have a big impact on your career as a student. Beyond being a student you can volunteer to organize a conference, contribute to a technical standard, or just meet other professionals in your area of interest. Use IEEE as a resource throughout your career!

Find your Student Branch! Student Branch Level

Typically one per school, this is where you can make a real impact in your school and local community! Inspire students at your school to become involved in geographical and technical organizations all over the world. Become an industry leader using the IEEE Network! You can see all of the organizations within IEEE by looking at the Organizational Roster. More helpful information about running your student branch can be found here, but you have a lot of freedom in how you organize your branch. Feel free to play to your strengths as a leader!

Find Your Section! Section Level

These are locally organized groups that manage several student branches and also local technical groups. You can find your section and reach out to them by looking at this list on the R5 website.

region Region Level: IEEE Region 5

Puts on yearly conference with student competitions every April, maintains volunteers to help your Student Branch Successful.
Student Activities Coordinator:

Devin Cornell (

Region Student Representative:

Joanna Lou (


usa.png National Level: IEEE-USA

Not strictly part of the Member Geographic Activities stack-up, but provides many resources for US students including funding, conferences, and other activities.

ieee Global Level: IEEE MGA

This division under IEEE Global manages all student branch activities and provides yearly refund for student branches.


Manages IEEE membership, creates technical standards, organizes technical societies, allows professionals to create conferences and publication organizing bodies.



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