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Region 5 Training for Treasurers

Training for the Section Treasurer in Region 5 – Presentation (html) *

Training for the Region 5 Treasurer – Presentation (html) *

* Link redirects to Region 5 Community Site


Travel Reimbursement Checklist (updated 1.26.19):

The hyperlinks will access fillable PDF documents for the R5 Forms and an IEEE website for the expense report spreadsheet.  Note, the fillable PDF forms work best with Adobe Reader DC, free for download.  Results with earlier versions of Adobe or similar products are unpredictable.

  1. Download the R5 Funding Request Form and the R5 Mileage Worksheet to your computer and work with a local copy for your report by clicking on the document name in this sentence and then “saving” the item to a local folder.  Warning, completing the form in the web browser has not been successful in the past so please be sure to save a local copy before you continue.
  2. Complete the purpose of the funding request along with the “Remit To” information including the mailing address for the check or CB account for an electronic transfer.
  3. Enter your IEEE identity, contact information, request date and amount requested under the “Prepared By” section.  Once all of the fields in the top portion of the form are complete, the next step is to digitally sign the document in the Adobe electronic signature field.  The signature field should be the last field you complete.  This invokes the Adobe integrity mechanism to associate the fields are covered by your signature.  Adobe will require you to save the document to complete the signature step.  If you do not have or do not wish to create an Adobe electronic signature, you may use the “Fill & Sign” Tool in Adobe to create a facsimile of an electronic signature.  Please position this signature over the appropriate field on the form.
  4. Do NOT complete the signature field under the Authorization portion of the Funding Request Form (bottom third of the form).  This portion of the form is reserved for the Treasurer’s use.
  5. Please provide the signed form separately from the other required documents as there active fields for the Treasurer to complete.  You should NOT combine the completed R5 Funding Request Form with your expense report and receipts.  Please forward the signed, saved version of the file and not a scanned copy or a Print to PDF version of the Funding Request Form.
  6. Complete the IEEE Travel Expense Report and include signature (typed name indicates signature).  This link takes you to an IEEE website to access the spreadsheet.  Note, IEEE accepts “signature by email” which you may type on the signature line of the spreadsheet.  This avoids the need to print, hand sign, and scan the spreadsheet document and allows use of the “Print to PDF” feature you may have.
  7. Complete R5 Mileage Worksheet (if necessary).  Based on current policy, the Mileage Worksheet requires supporting evidence of the economic value of driving vs. use of air transportation.  Airline evidence is at least a 14-day advance quote for round-trip coach class.  Mileage evidence is a map and mileage snapshot from Google Maps, Map Quest, etc.
  8. Include legible receipts for each expense (credit card statements are not a substitute).   Receipts are to be the itemized hotel and meal expenses.  For air travel, it is recommended to use a receipt given by the airline at time of travel.
  9. If possible, assemble all the supporting documents into a single pdf with the travel expense spreadsheet as pages 1-2 and receipts behind it.  The Funding Request Form should be separate.
  10. Email the Funding Request Form and the supporting documents to the R5 Treasurer and copy the R5 Director.  Subject line should begin “IEEE R5 Funding Request – “.  You will need to manually attached the completed documents to the email.


For assistance with travel arrangements, the IEEE Travel Program, World Travel, Inc. (html) is available for your use.


Forms and Templates

  • US Sales Tax Exemptions for IEEE activities (html)
  • Substitute W-8 and W-9 Forms (html)



R5 Travel Policy, Dated Feb 3, 2012 (docx)

Gift Award Policy, Dated Nov 5, 2017 (docx)

Check Writing Policy, Dated Nov 5, 2017 (docx)



Guidance on Submitting Travel Reimbursements (pptx)