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Student Activities

The mission of IEEE SAC is “To deliver a common, high quality IEEE Student member experience globally, for lifelong, professional success through IEEE membership.” In the Region 5, the SAC team is a 5 member team with a chair and for student representatives. The SAC team strives to

  • Strengthen partnership between student members, student branches in the Region 5 and IEEE Region 5 and its sections.
  • Provide support and resources for success of student members and student branches.
  • Encourage student members to involve themselves in various IEEE activities including technical and professional development.

Student Activity Committee members

MGA Student Activity Committee

MGA SAC is the IEEE volunteer committee responsible for student programs and benefits. The Student Branch Resources page has helpful information regarding online reporting and other student branch resources.

For more information on student activity material: contest rules, contacts, guidebooks, fun stuff, etc, visit (and Like!) the R5 SAC Facebook page.

Student Activity News

The following are excerpts from recent posts tagged as ‘sac’. Click on the title to display the complete news post.

Student Branch Survey

Could you fill out this survey about the operations of your Student Branch?

link: Student Branch Survey

Anyone with any contact with your local IEEE Student Branch can fill out the survey, we appreciate all the feedback we can get!


...Read More »

Student Branch Resources Document

I made a resources document for Student Branch Leaders!

Download: Region 5 Student Branch Resources

Let me know if there is anything else I could add!


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Where Do Students Fit Into the IEEE Organization?

This section provides more information about the structure of IEEE. The table is a table shows organizational levels from your Student Branch all the way to the global organization that is IEEE. I also encourage you to take a look at the IEEE Organizational RosterRead More »

Potential IEEE Funding Resources

What can IEEE do for you? There are a number of ways that IEEE can help you financially to run your student branch or create programs that include multiple Student Branches. You should at least know about these sources of funding:

  • Global Member Geographic Activities
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Student Branch Reporting Guide

As a Student Branch leader, there are only two things you need to update every year to stay registered with IEEE. These requirements are also important if you would like to request other sources of funding. If you don’t submit them your student branch will be fine, but...Read More »

Meetup (Social Media)

You may or may not have heard about the social media site which has been around oh, about fifteen years. That’s a long time in social media years. I joined up years ago to get event information in my local area but recently found out that meetup...Read More »

IEEE Social Media Policy

Did you know that IEEE has a policy on Social Media?  Yes they do and it is posted at along with a list of registered sites.  IEEE’s goals for social media include empowering the entire community in fulfilling IEEE’s mission and objectives by:

  • engaging volunteers and encourage collaboration in...Read More »

Google Apps at IEEE

You may have heard me mention IEEE’s offering of Google Apps the past few months and some of you may even have volunteered to be part of the pilot program.  If you are part of the pilot, let me (r5webmaster at know.  I’d love to hear from other R5...Read More »